12 septembre 2007

Bye bye San Francisco

Thank you for everything my honeys (Ozge, Irene, Marta, Ira, Antonio,...)

I m home and safe after a long trip. I travelled in business class so it wasn t so hard... The stewart like me a little bit toooooo MMMMUUchhhhh !!!!  so I took advantage of it forgeting to speak about Bouh.... but keeping him in my head, my heart, my everything.

Watever, I am home and glad to be here. But everything is just so weird... Like an american girl discovering France: Can I have a big coke? excuse me you gave me a small one... WHAt??? this is the biggest one???

hey COOOOOOmmmmmeeee ONNNNN !!!!!!

I just realise that I was a real part of the SF landscape and way o life. My first reflex when someone crash me or whatever is to say "excuse me" in english. But I  don't care I m from TEXAS!

So how you doing in Vantaggio? Sure that everything is sad... No fun, or amazing party. I guess it must be hard without me but be strong we will meet in Spain, or Istanbul!

That is the end for eveybody (exept IRA... Please don't loose your mind and take care of your HEART) So you need to take a last glance of everyhing, enjoy your "crazy night" (IRA don t forget your ID) and never forget that it will change a part of you forever.

When I am in my city with people that I know I feel diferent, not the same now. Because of each of you. I compare everything and want to speak with people about that but they don t understand  when I speak about Castro, homeless or how the asian food smell... it not possible to explain...

thank you for everything!!!

take care

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  • How to explain....

    That's a good point....
    Homeless: Pleople like us, that smell soooo goood or maybe soooooo badddd.
    The Smells: We are agree with you, it's really hard to explain to people who never had been here in San Francisco, how are the smells now in France? Different?
    We are now sitting in Irene's room drinking some beers and missing you....
    XOXO from Antonio, Ozge, Irene and Carmen
    Take care
    Irene: Mamma said that Philippo looked sad. but not as much as me, because I'm your Mammaa. I miss your food, Antonio is killing me, because he doesn't let me eat, so please come and save me....
    Ozge: I'm trying to find out, who is or are the new neigbors and I made a lot of strange
    noices during the night (like always)to boder him her... Question: You think they can hear me?
    Antonio: Send the me the fu... picture. I need this for destruction. You are our French Hero
    We miss you a lot Marieeeeeee.

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